BeChill™ Water Sign Loose Boxer with Pockets

$24 USD
Underwear Size: S
  • Temperature Regulating
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  • Moisture Wicking
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Crafted from our temperature-regulating proprietary BeChill™ fabric, our sleepwear is sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking.Blending innovation and comfort, you can have the best night’s sleep with our incredible fabric, that’s breathable, 100% natural, and oh-so-soft feeling even after washing.

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    Fabric & Care

    • Hand wash or Machine wash cold and hang to dry
    • 95% Sustainable Modal, 5% Sustainable Spandex, 100% cotton gusset.

    Underwear Size: S
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    Why BeChill™?

    Ultimate Breathability

    Keeps You Cool

    Our BeChill fibers' high surface enhances breathability, keeping hot air out and allowing free airflow, meaning it does not trap perspiration and odors. It efficiently manipulates heat-controllability, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all night thanks to its natural DNA.


    A Moisture Destroyer

    BeChill's high absorption and antibacterial properties wick away moisture, keeping any unwanted stains and discomfort at bay. This means you can have a good night’s sleep, and not worry about your sheets or any potential skin rashes/irritations that come from sweating.

    Sustainability Matters

    Feels Good, Does Good

    Derived from sustainably cultivated beech trees, the BeChill’s natural fibers are naturally smooth and soft, allowing air to pass through more easily. This enhances the overall breathability of the fabric, making it comfortable to wear, especially in warm climates.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the BeChill Modal good for hot sleepers?

    BeChill Modal is perfect for hot sleepers through its superior moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable all night.

    What makes BeChill Modal sleepwear more breathable than other fabrics? 

    Modal is more breathable than other fabrics because its fine and smooth fibers allow for superior airflow, keeping you effortlessly cool and comfortable

    Is BeChill Modal sleepwear suitable for all seasons? 

    Yes, its temperature-regulating properties can keep you comfortable in all four seasons. 

    How should I care for my BeChill Modal sleepwear to maintain its cooling properties? 

    We recommend washing on delicate and you may hang dry or dry on low heat. 

    Is BeChill Modal sleepwear hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin? 

    Yes, our BeChill Modal sleepwear is hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin because its smooth fibers are gentle and less likely to cause irritation. It ensures a soft, comfortable experience all night long.

    How durable is BeChill Modal fabric for sleepwear?

    Our BeChill Modal is incredibly durable, resisting pilling and shrinking, so it stays soft and keeps its shape even after many washes.