Knotty Knickers is a Canadian-based company that delivers sexy and fun panties right to your door starting at $3.99. 

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I've gotten my subscription twice now and they've been so amazing both times. I love the cute styles and the variety in my pack (the sugar and spice) I also love the surprise factor of not knowing what will be in my pack also bumps up my excitement. I love it. Also, before my first subscription I wanted to bump up my subscription to 3 instead of one and had realized my sizing was off and so I contacted customer service and they helped me out really quickly. Its great and I recommend

Michaela K.

I got my first month shipment this week and it's great. 2 pairs fit perfectly and 1 was smaller by about an inch and a half in the waist. Shipping was delayed a little but for the cost I can't complain. I think they were all super cute and I'm really impressed with the idea of getting new ones and throwing out old ones every month. For the price I will for sure be keeping my subscription.

Edited* So I had to go up to a 5 star because after a week of having my new underwear I started a second monthly subscription to get some every 2 weeks because they were that awesome. I'm hooked.

Michelle C.

My first month came fast and the styles are adorable! I love how customizable and professional the service was.

Another thing I want to point out is the packaging is minimal and discreet. You don't have tons of wrapping and pieces to discard after, just a small amount of paper which is lovely!

The styles are cute and the colours are so fun. I really love my first order and can't wait to see what else I get!

Julie M.

I was very skeptical at first - how can cute panties be so cheap? But when the first package arrived, the undies were super cute and felt very nice. They were slightly smaller than expected, but still fit. I loved the fabrics and textures. I ordered the "Nice" box, but there were still some more risque/cheeky cuts. The second package was nice, but had less variety in cut. All three pairs were the same, but all with different patterns/materials. They fit perfectly, exactly as I expected them to. They had more coverage than the first three pairs, and the patterns were awesome. I will be keeping up my subscription for sure!! I had no issues with shipping, although the warehouse is in the same province as I am.

Elyse A.

I have received 3 months of this subscription service and I absolutely love it 😍  Highly recommended it to all of my friends and family, quality is very good and so is the price! Any problems that I had were answered by a wonderful customer service team that resolved things very quickly.

Amanda B.

I first signed up... There was a size problem.... So they gladly halted my account... Customer service msgd me through fb... Told me about their new supplier etc... Sent me a pair out to try... And now I'm back!!!! Definitely great with making their customers happy and very quick about it....

Porchya B

got my 1st order today and am in love, such cute chioces, shipping was really fast. I'm one super satisfied customer and can't wait till next months package. I will definitely continue ordering.

Kayla D.

Amazing amazing panties!!! I just cancelled my MeUndies subscription and I'm not looking back!! The panties I got were incredibly high quality for the price I paid. Shipping was quick and customer service reps were so quick to reply to my messages! I wish I could order 100/month! Keeping my subscription forever! ❤️ . Thanks Knotty Knickers!

Mika S.

Love the underwear so comfy and cheap. I love getting 2 new pairs every month. I would recommend this to anyone who loves shopping for underwear

Alysha B.

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