How it Works

STEP ONE: Choose the package that suits your needs best! Choose from one of our carefully crafted packages:

Naughty Package: Includes Thongs/G-string styles only

Nice package: Includes Hipster/Bikini Styles only

Mixed package : Get the best of both worlds with a mixture of all kinds of panties 

STEP TWO: Please specify your size! Knotty Knickers is pleased to provide you with size selections in Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large. Sizes run normally and are comprised of polyester and/or cotton blends. ​

STEP THREE: Please specify how many panties you would like to receive on a monthly basis. Knotty Knickers offers all our packages in allotments of one, two or three.

STEP FOUR: Wait for your Knotty delivery! See shipping for processing and delivery times 

STEP FIVE: Pour yourself a glass of champagne, because CONGRATULATIONS! You are an official KNOTTY GIRL!

Please refer to our Size Chart: